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In today’s modern world, when everybody is connected over the internet, starting something online is very effective and easy. Anything that is posted online is seen by at least hundreds of people. So, basically everybody has the power to influence hundreds of people. Blogging is one of the most trending hobby or business, which people are pursuing these days.

What is a blog?

A blog is basically an online diary or a journal on a specific topic or topics where a writer can express their feelings /views on topics of their concerns. It first started in the mid-’90s when people just got access to the internet, many people started writing about their personal lives, thoughts and other stuff which was then called as web-log which later became we-log and finally blog. Mainly the blogs are on the categories which people are always searching for over the internet, i.e. shopping, food, personal care and whatnot. Many bloggers start blogging as a hobby but later realize the business potential it has. In this internet era, if you have a unique talent of catching the eyes of people with your writing, you can earn a good amount over the internet and blogging is certainly a way to win over a large number of audiences. Blogging in itself have the potential to be a successful startup or a business. A blog is different from a website as on a website there are thousands of topics going around at any minute of the given day whereas on a blog, mainly the topics are focused one or rather two things whichever the blogger chooses.

Benefits of blogging: -

Now the main question arises; can anybody be a blogger? Yes, anybody who has writing skills know to interact and attract people and have knowledge about a certain topic can be a blogger.

Many people still see blogging as a hobby and not a business but mind you, there are bloggers around the world who are making money just by blogging and the amount is bigger than many successful businesses in some cases. There are various ways to monetize your blogs, some use affiliated links to monetize their blogs, some use Google AdSense and there are still other ways to earn from your blogs which we will discuss but not right now. First, we need to understand the benefits of blogging.

There are thousands of benefits of being a blogger but here a certain important few.

Platform to express yourself.

Blogging is the platform where people usually express how they actually feel about any certain thing or topic or have something new to add to the already existing tally. For example, there are thousands of bloggers on bodybuilding who daily updates something and everyone have different styles of expressing themselves, some might say one thing is wrong, the other will say it’s right.

Allows showcasing your skills and talent.

Blogging allows everyone to showcase what’s their unique style and talent is. For some cooking is what their expertise in. So, they start a cookery blogging page and starts blogging about their interesting and unique dishes which will definitely attract the audience as everybody wants to learn something new. 

Social media influencing.

Being a successful blogger means there are thousands of people who like what you are writing. Your writing is attracting the audience which gives power to a blogger to influence the audience. One can just write about the most powerful person in the world and if their influence on the audience is right, they will even believe the lies. So, blogging is a very strong tool to influence people’s lives because a blog can be about anything from changing somebody’s lifestyle to delivering the news.

Good income.

Blogging can earn someone a good amount of income but it takes sometime before you start earning from your blogs. The most important part of it is attracting the audience. If, your blogs are unique and people are interested in reading what you are writing. Then, there are huge chances that you can generate a good sum by just blogging. There are numerous ways to monetize your blogs. There are certain types of blogs which are making easy money as they usually attract a lot of traffic: - travel, food, health and fitness, business and many more.

Helps you meet people with same interests and thoughts like you.

Blogging helps you meet the people who have the same taste in something like you. People usually follow things which they already think about but don’t know all about it like fitness, everybody knows a thing or two about it but nobody knows everything. When and if a blogger wants to interact with their audience, they will find that most of the audience feels the same way about something as the blogger do.

Be your own boss.

This is one of the best benefits of blogging. You get to decide what you need to write about, what you want to write about and most importantly when you want to publish it. You will be your own boss; you can try blogging as a hobby or as a profession, you can do it as a part-time thing or an all-time thing. Blogging gives you all the freedom in the world.

Blogging emerged as one of the strongest tools over the last decade. It’s very easy being a blogger but to be a successful one, you have to have something in yourself that can attract people and follow the process. The very first step is finding what you are good at, what you can deliver to the audience that can get their attention. If blogging is the passion one wants to follow, there is only one advice for you, be unique.

We hope that now you have a better understanding of blogging and its benefits. Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions in the comment box below. If you like this blog and would like to stay updated about our latest blogs then subscribe to our free newsletter.

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