Coronavirus: Myths Busted

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In our previous blog, we discussed coronavirus and how to prevent yourself from getting infected. Today we are going to talk about the common myths most people have about COVID-19 or coronavirus. 11th March 2020 world health organization or WHO declared coronavirus a global pandemic. Since then it is very common to see lots of post and video on social media regarding coronavirus, but are they all true? So let’s talk about top myths regarding COVID-19.

1. Coronavirus is just like a common flu

Coronavirus may have symptoms similar to flu such as fever, cough, cold and body ache but it affects your body in the worst way than common flu. COVID-19 spread faster and have a higher mortality rate than common flu. Different countries have reported different mortality rate in the U.S it has been reported at 2.6% which is way higher than common flu.

2. Animals like cats and dogs spread coronavirus

According to the world health organization(WTO) and the centre for disease control(CDC), there is no evidence which supports that animal plays an important role in the spread of coronavirus.
There have been cases around the world where animals got infected by the coronavirus but in most cases, it is because they come in contact with a human with COVID-19 infection.
According to many leading scientists, the global spread of COVID-19 is from human to human and there is no significant proof of animal to human infection.

3. Coronavirus can spread through water.

COVID-19 is an airborne virus and cannot spread through the water. We recently saw that in India people who died from COVID-19 were thrown in the river Ganga and it was a hot topic on social media that Ganga gets infected and if anyone uses water from there will get infected with the coronavirus. YES, it is true that if you test water from there it will test positive for coronavirus but that virus is dead and cannot infect anyone. Coronavirus required a live host to survive and once its host dies, COVID-19 dies with it.

4. It takes 10 minutes to catch a coronavirus.

It is true that the longer you spend with a infected person, the higher the chances for you to catch virus but if you once come in contact with the coronavirus you can be infected in seconds also. So it’s very important that you take all the precautions and maintain social distancing to stay safe.

5. You can’t get COVID-19 after vaccination

COVID-19 vaccine makes antibodies in you which helps your body to fight the virus but there is still a risk of infection. After vaccination, there are high chances that even if you get infected from coronavirus your symptoms won’t be serious and you will recover fast, but you can still spread to others who are not vaccinated and can cause serious illness.

6. Coronavirus dies in high temperature

Yes, it is true that virus such as cold and flu spread faster in cold temperature but that does not mean they die in warm weather. There is no proof that how high temperature affects coronavirus. So, don’t let your guard down if you think it’s summer and you are safe from COVID-19.

7. Antibiotics can kill COVID-19

Antibiotics can help you in illness related to bacteria but COVID-19 is a virus. So, don’t take any antibiotics without consulting your doctor.

8. Garlic immunes you against coronavirus

There is no evidence that garlic can protect you against coronavirus. Garlic helps slow the growth of bacteria in some cases but as we discussed earlier that COVID-19 is a virus and not a bacteria.

9. 5G technology helps in the spread of COVID-19

This is no more than a conspiracy theory spread to panic people. Many countries which don’t have 5G technology are worst affected by COVID-19 like Iran and Iraq.

10. Drinking alcohol protect you from COVID-19

It is true that alcohol is good to disinfect your hands and body from the outside but it does not have any effect once it is inside your body. As a matter of fact, drinking alcohol can have negative effects on your liver and body.

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