Can The World Trust China?

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The world has seen China’s uncanny attempts to rise as the world super-power over the decade and playing the victim card every time someone pointed a finger towards them. In the current times when the Coronavirus pandemic is uncontrollable around the world and everybody is blaming China for the outbreak. China is still denying any knowledge of the outbreak; in the latest statements, the Chinese government officials are blaming the world mainly the U.S for Coronavirus pandemic. Whatever the reason may be but it was the mismanagement of the Chinese government which resulted in the outbreak of the virus around the world. China has been using dirty tactics like debt traps, IP theft, misusing WTO, etc. against many countries. So, the question arises whether the world can trust china anymore?

Months after pandemic started, more than 9.1 million cases globally and nearly half a million dead, the questions still remain unanswerable; how Coronavirus started? Whether it started from the Wuhan’s meat market or the lab near it where experiments are performed on bats that carry the virus? Whether it was mismanagement of the Chinese government or a fully planned outbreak?

Many countries are fed up with these questions and asking for answers. Australia, U.S, UK, New Zealand and several other countries have asked for an impartial investigation to find the origins of the virus but china has denied any investigations on their soils and acting aggressively while playing the victim card once again. The Chinese government has tried to gain goodwill by supplying medical equipment, testing kits and medicines to many countries, although many complaints were filed about the equipment being faulty and testing kits giving wrong results. Even after all these complaints, the Chinese diplomats are asking the governments of many countries to thank China for their aid and helping them to fight against the virus.

Chinese officials have been blaming the U.S for the conspiracy behind the virus outbreak. China’s Foreign minister Spokesperson “Hua Chunying” tweeted that ‘If the U.S was so concerned about transparency, why not open its own biodefense lab in Maryland’s Fort Detrick to international inspectors?’ It was a clear message that the Chinese are blaming the U.S for the virus.

Corrupt Chinese Media

Chinese news channels have been spreading the message from the tweet in multi-languages around the world. On 12th of May, the China global television network ran a story on the Fort Detrick lab’s “purely freakish history” which included the experiments on humans which began in the 1950s.

On the 14th May, the Global times ran a piece of news declaring that the U.S can’t just claim all reasonable inquiries to its bio-labs as ‘conspiracy theories’. According to world leaders, these are all just tactics by the Chinese to avoid any investigations. In response to Australia’s quest for an investigation, the Global times called Australia ‘’chewing gum stuck to the sole of China’s shoes.”

China’s Ambassador Cheng Jingye told the Australian Financial Review that Chinese citizens can decide to boycott Australian goods. According to officials, the Chinese are just trying to threaten the economy of the country so that Australia drops the quest of investigation as Australia’s one-third of exports goes to China. Although, the Australian officials are not in any mood to drop anything against the Chinese.

The Chinese media has also attacked the U.S Secretary of state ‘Mike Pompeo’ as he continues to ask questions. The media called him “the enemy of humanity” and claimed that he is evil and willingly spreading lies. The Chinese media claims that Pompeo is just trying to shift the blames to China.

Money Claimed from China

People around the world are claiming money from China for the damages caused by the Virus outbreak. Many people, organizations, and countries have filed lawsuits claiming different amounts of money from the Chinese to repair the damages of the outbreak of the virus. The economy of all the countries has been hit hard by the impact of the Coronavirus. These are high times for developing countries as they are the ones who have to pay the highest.

Although, it is highly unlikely that China will pay any single dime to anyone. Moreover, when the Chinese government came to know about the lawsuits, they again played the victim card and targeted the U.S stating the U.S owes the world for the 2008 recession.

China Against The World

Nowadays, when the world is busy in fighting the pandemic, China is busy in fulfilling its own agendas. The Chinese have been trying to capture various areas around their borders, their hunger for expanding the border is like a zombie; never-ending. Its neighbouring countries have all seen China’s desperate attempts to conquer the areas which are disputed or under other countries. About 43% of the total area under china is conquered by them and was not original under them. China already conquered Hong Kong, Tibet, Taiwan, Parts of Pakistan, Cambodia, Mongolia, India, Japan, and a major port of Sri-Lanka.

China is not yet fed up with its ill efforts and still trying to conquer whatever they see which is creating conflicts with many countries. China shares a boundary with 14 countries but they already have conflicts with 23 countries over land issues.

China Versus Japan

The conflict between China and Japan has been there for decades over a few uninhabited islands. These Islands had been administrated by Japan since 1895 but China took interest in these islands in the 1970s when evidence related to the existence of oil on these islands was found. Since that day, China has been trying to take these islands as these are key shipping and fishing areas and the possibility of finding oil reserves on the area is high.

The Chinese have been protesting and trying to acquire these areas. The only thing that keeping China at bay is the treaty between the U.S and Japan due to which if china takes any action against Japan, the U.S will come to the rescue. Although, Japan has been spending a lot on their defense budget to shield themselves against neighbouring North Korea’s nuclear threat; but officials also stated that it is china, not North Korea that is the main concern now.

China Versus Taiwan

China considers Taiwan as part of their country but Taiwan has its own government and doesn’t want to be under any influence of China. The conflict has been there for decades. It started after World War 2 when China was among the victors and they started ruling Taiwan as it was part of Japan before that. After decades of hostile encounters, China put up a formula as “one country, two systems” for Taiwan, but Taiwan rejected it completely. Taiwan wants to be a sovereign state and its leaders have been trying to fight for the rights of its people.

After the election in January 2016, when Taiwan elected Ms Tsai as the president who wants total independence of Taiwan from China; china sent its warships, troops, and other war machinery towards Taiwan to show their willingness to fight over the matter. China carried out aggressive military exercises in South China Sea near Taiwan to showcase their strength.

China Versus Vietnam

China Set-up new administrative districts in the disputed islands between the two countries and sank a Vietnamese fishing boat. Vietnam protested against the sinking of its fishing ship and accused Beijing of violating its sovereignty in the South China Sea.

In an essay published last year, Derek Grossman, a senior researcher at RAND (a leading think tank of the U.S) suggested that China might pick-up a fight with Vietnam as a “warm-up”.

Sinking the ship and being hostile in the Vietnamese region might be the tactics of China to do the same.

China Versus The U.S

 China and the U.S have been competitors in recent times. Last year, when the U.S accused Chinese company Huawei of stealing data and cancelled all business deals and ties with the company. The Chinese government took it as a personal attack and threatens U.S based companies like Apple, Boeing, Cisco, and Qualcomm to put on unreliable entity list as a part of countermeasures.

The Ministry of Commerce of China said that the U.S needs to stop its wrongdoings and create conditions for its business to carry out normal trade and co-operation. China will take all necessary measures to firmly safeguard the rights and interests of Chinese enterprises.  The following comments came when the U.S imposed new export controls on Huawei.

After a few days, Huawei published a post on its website, “Heroes have suffered hard since ancient times. Looking back, it is rugged; looking forward, never give up”.

Since the time, the U.S has put restraints over Huawei, many countries have been skeptical about Huawei and re-evaluating their deals with the company which has angered the Chinese.

During the current times, when U.S blamed W.H.O for the Corona Virus outbreak and stopped the funding, China is taking advantage of the opportunity and taking leadership in its own hands. China and the U.S also had trade war after the U.S decoded china’s tactics. On 27th June, U.S Restricted Visas For Chinese Officials Over Hong Kong Security Law. The U.S Senate approved a bill that would lay out economic sanctions against Chinese officials and Hong Kong police as well as banks that do transactions with them.

China Versus Africa

China has already used the formula of providing loans to small countries in Africa who need it and then capturing their areas. China had provided loans to Africa and helping them make bridges and other projects but when these countries are unable to pay, china takes the important areas of the country, major strategic lands, and important ports. These lands are then physically occupied by the Chinese and used to their advantage. This is also known as the debt trap of china.

Although, the ties are in danger when a video of discrimination surfaced on the internet which clearly showed china discriminating against the migrants of Africa by not allowing them to enter any restaurants, landlords evicting them from their homes and police forcing the African to undergo testing and quarantines.

China Versus Canada

Canada detained Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, on a U.S warrant. In oppose to that, China arrested two Canadian citizens and filed charges for alleged espionage against them.  The charges are bogus and both the U.S and Canada called for the immediate release of civilians.

The following are all just cheap tactics of china again.

China Versus India

China and India has major issues over a piece of land that lies on the borders of both countries.  The issues have been there for decades as the Line of actual control that divides the boundary of the two countries is not clearly defined. The area is called an area of different perceptions as both countries claim it’s in their territory. Both country’s armies patrol the area and many times the troops get physically engaged but there has not been a single report of a bullet fired by any side over 3 decades. The Area lies along the Pangong Lake in Ladakh.

In 2020, Chinese and Indian troops again engaged in the area but this time it was different. This time the Chinese troops were found in the Indian Territory and the Chinese troops had also occupied the disputed area by putting 4000 to 5000 troops with ammunition there.

Another incident was taking place of the same sorts where Chinese troops have entered and occupied the Galwan River Valley and hot springs near Kongka which is clearly Indian Territory.  Indian soldiers asked the Chinese to evacuate the lands as these are clearly not disputed and Indian Territory but the Chinese refused and claimed it to be part of china.

The Galwan river valley area holds strategical importance as it provides the Chinese to watch the roads used by the Indian army. When Indian soldiers tried to sort the matter peacefully by talking to Chinese officers; China again showed their cowardice by killing the unarmed Indian troops. 20 soldiers were martyred and many were injured.

The Indian citizens are very unhappy about this incident and started the boycott Chinese products movement due to which many government projects which were given to Chinese companies are now terminated. This will affect china but not to the extent it should. The Indian Government has banned 59 Chinese apps as a countermeasure for the cheap behaviour of China at LAC.

China’s Cheap Tactics

China became a member of the World TradeOrganization in 2002 and since that day China has been misusing the WTO. China is exporting majorly to all the countries around the world and when it comes to importing, they only allow a very small part to import. Even in India, the trade deficit is at 5:1 with china i.e India imports 5 times from china of what China imports from India.

China is using the method of dumping in many countries; in the dumping tactic, a part of the market is targeted of any country. China starts exporting to that country the goods required in the market at very cheap rates and after some time runs the local businesses out of the market. Due to this, china gets to govern the market of the country. But how does China sustain at such low prices? The answer to that is simple; the Chinese government provides subsidies to the businesses which export their goods to other countries. Many countries have started reviewing the imports from China to manage the dumping by putting high taxes on the imports.

China has the policy of IP theft for a long time. Many Countries have accused the Chinese of the same. According to the Chinese government policy, if a company has to start their operations in China, the company needs to provide their IPs to the government which the government gives to other countries that is the reason why China doesn’t use Facebook, Google, YouTube or other major American apps as they have already cloned similar apps to these by stealing the information required. China has Baidu in place of Google, Youku in place of YouTube, Alibaba as Amazon, and Weibo as Facebook. All these apps are nothing but clones of the real apps.

The debt is another cheap tactic of china in which the Chinese government provides loans to underdeveloped countries which they know won’t be able to pay later. In the process, the Chinese take major ports, strategic lands, and other important lands for the fulfilment of the loan. As an example, China helped Sri-Lanka built a major important port and provided the country with a loan, as china knew the debt won’t be paid, the Chinese took the port on lease for 99 years and physically occupied the port. China is able to use such tactics with many countries in the African region. China is showing the world that they can do whatever they like and no country has yet opposed them.

China also tried to infiltrate the Governments of many countries by sabotaging the elections and other means. In a major report, it was found that china created fake accounts on Wechat app (a Chinese app substitute of WhatsApp) to create rumours against the Australian government. After which in an investigation it was found that Chinese are building spy networks across universities of Australia. The world acknowledged the investigation when a Chinese student studying in Australia participated in a protest against the Chinese government which happened in Australia. Chinese government threatens the family of the student in china for the protests in Australia.

After all of this, the question is, can world trust china? And to answer that, no, the world can’t trust China. China is a threat to democracy as even china is under the dictatorship of one party; china communist party. It’s the China communist party that’s the cause of all the problems and not the people who are under the influence of corrupt media and false nationalism.

The world needs to come together to stop china as one country will not be able to stop china now. Some good news is Australia, the U.S, and other countries are clearly opposing the tactics of china now and preparing for countermeasures.

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