Step by Step: How To Register In Daman Games?

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Daman Games is one of the popular platforms to earn money by just using your intuitions and guesses. Daman Games has millions of active players who are winning big money on a daily basis. But then comes the BIG question of how to register and play Daman Games, don’t worry because we got you covered. In this blog, we will guide you on how to register and log in to Daman games. So let's start.

Step 1 - Choose Right

So as we all know if something is that popular then there are always copycats to deceive and cheat people. So we have to ensure that we are on the right website to register, which is https://damangames.in. so please don’t be fooled by copycats and lose your hard-earned money.

Step 2 - Requirements

So let's discuss what we require to register for Daman Games.

  1. Valid phone number

  2. Strong password

  3. An invite code

Once you have all these you are ready to start your process for registration.

Step 3 - Registration

When you go to Daman Games official website your screen should look something like the image below.

Before entering any details we need to make sure that we are on the right website. Once that is confirmed we will enter our phone number in the first box then we will choose a strong password that we have to remember to log in. In the 3rd box, we need to confirm our password.

Then comes the important part, we all need an invite code to register on Daman games if you don't have one, don’t worry we got you covered you can use our invite link to register.

INVITE LINK: Qfghf2225387

Once you have entered all the above details the last thing is to check the Privacy Agreement box and click the register button.


STEP 4 - Login

Once you have successfully registered you just need your phone number and password to log in.

Please refer to the above image for before and after login. Congratulations now you are ready to start your earning journey on the top online earning platform.

How to Recharge your Daman Account

We all know that to earn you need to invest first, for that we will learn how to recharge your Daman games account. Once you are logged into your Daman account you need to go to the Wallet section in the menu.

Next step you need to click Deposit in the menu, as shown in the image below.

Once you are in the deposit menu, you need to follow the steps that are shown in the image.

Step 1 - Choose one of the multiple deposit methods.

Step 2 - Enter the amount you want to deposit and press deposit.

Step 3 - To pay you will get multiple options you can directly scan the given QR code or you can copy the UPI ID and pay from any payment app that supports UPI payment. Make sure once you paid you have to enter your UTR number in the give box for reference and fast completion of your payment. 

Step 4 - once you paid and submitted your UTR code, the amount should reflect in your Daman account within the next few minutes. Please note that sometimes it may take a little longer for money to reflect in your account but don’t worry your money is safe. You just need to contact customer support with your payment receipt.

You can always check the status of your payment in your deposit history, as shown in the below image

if it says completed then the amount is deposited in your daman account and if it says To be paid then it means it's still under process.


Daman has many games to choose from to showcase your skills and earn big money but my favourite is WIN GO in the lottery section. Is the first one on the home screen. 

As you can see in the above image there are multiple time frames to play like 1 minute, 3 minute, 5 minute and 10 minute. We suggest if you beginner then go for a longer time frame like 5 or 10-minute games because that gives you time to understand the game better. 

Win Go game has many options to play but my favorite is BIG and SMALL, if your number is from 0 to 4 then it is small and if it is 5 to 9 then it is big and your odds are also 1:1. 

To Play in WIN GO you need to see the number chart and game history that will help you to predict the next number.

For Beginners, we suggest going slow and controlling your emotions to win big.


Now comes the important part once you win then how will you withdraw your money into your bank account?

To withdraw you need to click the withdraw button on top of the screen as shown in the above image, once you at the withdraw page it will show you all the details mentioned in the above image. To withdraw you need to add your bank details and make sure to double-check them as it is very important to receive money. Once you successfully add your bank details, just enter the amount you wish to withdraw and click withdraw, then it will ask you to enter your login password to confirm and it's done, you will safely get your money in your bank account in the next few hours.


Till now I have shown you how to play and earn money in daman games but there's another way to earn money without any investment and that is by referring your friends and family to daman games. So let's see how to invite someone to Daman games.

Step 1- Go to the home page and click promotions in the bottom menu.

Step 2 - Once you are on the home page, you have two options to invite your friends. First, you can send them your invite link and they can register through that second is that to share your invite code and your friend needs to enter that while registering. 

Step 3 - Once your friend has successfully registered using your invite link or code and has made their first deposit, you get money credited to your Daman account and not only that every time your friend plays you will get a commission.  

So what are you waiting for just? start your earning journey today!

If you require any kind of further assistance do not hesitate to contact their customer support. They are very cooperative people or you can also contact @VIPTeacherAryahh via telegram and WhatsApp.

We wish you good luck and a lot of income from Daman Games.

Daman VIP Teacher Contact Details: Telegram link: https://t.me/VIPTeacherAryahh Whatsapp: +91 77095 47431

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