What is the Importance of a Good Title for Blog?

Last Updated by Ravinder 15-Mar-2021

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What’s in a Name?” This is a famous quote from Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. But for a blog name or title of the blog is very important as it is the first impression of your blog to the reader. Let us discuss why a good title is important for your blog.

Grab Attention 

Let's start with the most important one. You only get few seconds before a reader decides if he wants to read your blog or not and the title plays an important part in it. Without an effective title, there are higher chances that your blog with fail. It doesn’t matter what your content is if you can’t bring readers to your blog. So choosing the correct title for your blog is as important as good content.


If your reader can’t understand from the title that what your blog is all about then there are chances it will never get read. So choose your blog title carefully and make it as informative as possible.

Organic Traffic

Every blogger’s goal is to get more organic traffic from search engines. To achieve this title plays an important role. If you use relevant keywords in your title then there are higher chances that it will get more traffic in organic searches. 

Interact with Readers

As we have discussed earlier that title is the first impression of your blog to the reader. So it is very important that the blog title should be interesting to the reader while providing all the information about the blog. 

Don’t make your blog title too complicated that the reader can’t understand and also don’t make it too simple also that reader won’t pay any attention to it. 

Get New Readers

At one point in time, we all have come across the title which made us feel that we have to read this blog or article. That’s the kind of blog title we all should aim for. 

But while doing that we should remember that our title should be relevant to our content and not just a misleading clickbait as that can permanently damage our blog reputation. 

Give a Reason

While creating a good title think of a reason why other people should read your blog and if you can’t come up with a reason then it means you are writing about the wrong topic. So make sure to use a title that gives readers a reason to read your blog. For example, try using “?” What and Why as these words tend to create curiosity in the people.


Curiosity is the root of all things. So it is important for bloggers to take advantage of the reader’s curiosity. Always try to use titles that generate curiosity in your readers like if you’re talking about e-commerce strategy that tries using titles like “Strategy used by world top 5 e-commerce companies”. 


Taking a position that is outside standard of popular opinion can produce great organic traffic, however, indeed, you should be careful. In case you will be disputable, anticipate some fire and be set up to have toughness on the remarks that will come in. Still, this will help you to get traffic to your blog which is way better than no traffic. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and if you have any comments or suggestions then make sure to let us know in the comment box below. To stay updated about our latest blogs make sure to subscribe to our free newsletter. 

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