Importance of Keywords in Blogging

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Blogging might be a passion for some and a profession for others but one thing is common for everyone associated with blogging; they all want a large audience. There are many ways to generate traffic to your blogs but the simplest and best one will be through search engines. Search engines basically look for keywords in your blog and show your blog to the audience when they search for something related to keywords. So, today we will be discussing the importance of keywords. The whole idea about keywords is that when a person searches something, it becomes a keyword for a blogger. The blogger has to target and write about that keyword in their blog such that next time when the same combination of words is searched, the search engine will show its blog as a result and hence, their organic search audience is increased.

“The internet is really about highly specified information”- Eric Schmidt

Another great way to generate traffic might be social media and we have already discussed the role of social media in our blogs. But the thing is the quality of audience; people from social media might not be your potential audience who are interested in your content whereas organic search audience will be the ones definitely interested in your content.

What Are Keywords and Their Role in Search Engines Optimization 

Keywords are words or phrases that someone types in search engines to find something about that thing, topic, etc. As a blogger, you need to find these keywords and add them to your topic as these keywords define your topic niche. The keyword is everything for both parties here, the seeker and also the solution provider “blogger”. Keywords for blogging are very important, for a blogger getting in the top 10 ranks on the search engines is everything. To achieve that rank, a blogger needs to target these keywords, it is every word that is related to their blog topic and people might think of searching.

Now, we all know that the human mind works in mysterious ways so we can never guess what someone might type in a search engine to look for something but we can certainly find the most searched keywords and use those at least. For example, someone looking for mountain bikes might type “mountain bikes” in a search engine, others might type “bikes for the mountain” or “bike that can be used on mountains” etc., now all these people might be looking for the exact mountain bike but searching different words. It might be a keyword for a blogger or a website owner but it doesn’t mean much to people who are looking for things online, they just need an answer to their query.  Now there are many keyword tools to find the keywords, we will discuss that later. For now, let’s discuss the importance of keywords.

Importance of keywords for blogging

If you are a blogger or a site proprietor, you have to locate the most applicable keywords identified with your content so individuals who are looking for something identified with you, have the best opportunities to discover you among different outcomes. Presently, keywords are significant in light of the fact that they are the connection between the content you are giving and individuals who are looking for something identified with that content. The keywords you pick additionally decide the crowd you may be heading to your content. A few people believe that keywords are about their content however it's not about that, keywords are chiefly about the crowd.

A blogger might describe one thing in their way thinking that people will search for the same keywords but they can never be sure of what the audience might look for. To create something that people seek, you need to understand the needs of the audience, what they are looking for and their language also plays a mighty role in this. There are many ways to find the best keywords for blogging but the easiest will be talking to your audience, forming groups of people from different communities and states, or using keyword research tools like Google keywords tool, keyword planner Google, keyword keys, etc.

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results” – Winston Churchill.

We have already discussed SEO and why your site needs it in our previous blogs. SEO is all about the keywords; the importance of keywords in SEO is more than you can even think of. The whole concept of SEO lays in these keywords that people type in search engines. SEO is the tool that will help you rank better among others when a keyword you used is searched for. It increases the importance of meta keywords you are using in your blogs.

Tools to discover keywords for your topic

There are various keyword tools now that can determine these keywords search for you. The most used ones are Google keywords tool because it is the most used search engine and highly trusted for its results. You can just type the niche or topic of your blog and Google will find the right keywords for you. Many sites are also providing these keyword planner tools which make it pretty easy for anyone to use it. Keywords everywhere, Ubersuggest by Neil Patel are also among the top used keyword planners. If you still don’t like your options, you can just ask your favorite search engine for a keywords search tool and it will show you all the great options.


Now, if you have read this far, we bet you have acknowledged the importance of keywords. But then you might get the wrong idea to use all the keywords next time in your blog or site. It will not work because it has already been done and now the search engines are designed to understand your topics better and not solely focus on keywords.

Generally, the more you used a keyword, the more relevance your topic used to get by search engines but that led to mal-practices by people, like keyword stuffing to confuse the search engines that led to hurting audience experiences. So search engines updated their policies and updated it for years, now search engines look over keywords to find the best topic for the keyword searched. What it means is that even if you target all the keywords to a topic but not in the right way, then the search engine might not rank you anywhere.

But it doesn’t mean that keywords are not important, it is still very important but the content you create around it is more important. Keywords are still used by search engines to find you but now the search engine will look at the whole picture and not just a keyword.

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