What are the Qualities of A Good Leader?

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As we look ahead to the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” - Bill Gates

If you have worked in any industry, chances are that you have met with both good and bad leadership. So, what makes a person a good or a bad leader? Some believe that leaders are born whereas others believe that leaders are made with proper guidance. Whatever the case is every organization needs a good leader if they want to be successful in these competitive times. So let’s discuss the qualities every good leader needs to possess.

1. A Good Leader Always Welcome The Potential of His Juniors

Perhaps the greatest difference I've seen between a good leader and a bad one is the manner by which they see potential in subordinates. Great leaders pull out all stops to assist individuals with arriving at it, while bad leaders are scared by it.
A good leader spots potential and waters it in trust it will prosper while a bad one will cheerfully allow it to wilt.
A good leader is not scared of smart and capable employees. Instead, they encourage the fact these individuals are on his team and recognize the way that these individuals might even outperform them sometime in the future.
Then again, awful leaders see greatness as a danger and thoughts better than theirs as an aberrant type of resistance.
A good manager lifts anchors and allows individuals to cruise and during the time spent lifting that load of anchors, they can't resist the urge to get more grounded themselves.

2. Great Bosses Lead As if that They Have No Rank

A good boss considers themself to be a companion to individuals who work for them. In any case, they additionally realize that for an association to work most productively, the authority of rank must be regarded.
For this regard for power to frame, it should be acquired by the individual holding it. Regard for rank just is empty regard while regard for the position holder is valid regard.
The greater the leader, the less they incline toward power. Less dependence on power prompts an expansion of certified impact. That is administration.
An attitude of serving those you lead with magnanimous consideration and regard will assist you with keeping this modest standpoint and will acquire you genuine regard.
Then, at that point, when employees simply need to follow your orders, they'll give it their all since they regard you more than your position.

3. A Leader is a Friendly and Vicious Guard Dog

A good boss must be alert to shield their team from interruptions, stray authority from different administrators, inefficient impulses of the "greater ups," and different powers that would harm their group's effectiveness and resolve.
A good leader isn't reluctant to step in toes to ensure their group yet they are proficient at utilizing propriety to get that going without exacerbating the situation for themselves or the group.
They realize how to say "screw you" such that makes individuals anticipate it.
Then again, a bad leader sees their whole group as simply one more arrangement of lips they can grovel with.

4. Humor Is the Swiss Army Knife of Leadership

A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.” - Dwight D. Eisenhower

Humor can ease the burden. It can move difficulty into viewpoint so it's simpler to deal with. It very well may resemble a cool beverage of water in the brutal desert of affliction. It can make the deal, make it happen, and reinforce connections. Like a Swiss Army blade, it can do a lot of valuable things.
It is said that any gathering without a veritable grin or chuckle was generally a squandered one.
Affableness ought to consistently be good to go. Not pompous or remorseless or unseemly humor obviously — the right kind.

5. The Quality of the Ends Never Exceeds the Quality of the Means

What you do just at any point arrives at the degree of value by the way you do it.
This should be the essential example in all young games so when the children grow up they aren't con artists, liars, and cheats. Sportsmanship. Determination through difficulty. Character.
Great leadership would all be able to be reduced to making the best decision notwithstanding difficulty.
Bad administration can be reduced to doing the least demanding or most beneficial thing conceivable without respect for the best thing.
Terrible administration prompts modest benefit and inane achievement.
To a good leader, the means are consistently just about as significant as the closures.


Great leadership is the moves you make to make individuals need to follow you.
You might have seen that every one of the convictions of a good leader above depend on the magnanimous help of those you lead while remaining in the domain of making the best decision.
On the off chance that you do that. On the off chance that you think like this. In the event that you accept this…
Then, at that point, you've effectively set the model for individuals to follow.
What's more, assuming you don't do anything else as a leader however set that model, you've as of now succeeded.
You've effectively turned into a leader individuals would be regarded to follow anywhere.
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