How to Create a Successful Social Media Profile?

Last Updated by Ravinder 19-Nov-2021

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In our previous blog, we had discussed the importance of social media. It is an important tool in this modern era that lets you connect with your friends, fans and businesses. We all might have googled ourselves at least once and the first thing google shows us is our social media profiles. So it becomes more important that we have an effective social media profile so more people can find us easily. So today we will discuss 10 important elements that can help you create a successful social media profile.

1. Name on social media profile

Normally we use our own name when we make our social media profile and that is perfectly fine. But if you are associated with the business and planning to promote your business on social media, it is a good idea to use your business name as a display name on your profile.

2. User name and URL of your social media profile

In many social media platforms, it is not possible to change your username and URL it is different from your profile name. So we recommend to chose it carefully and if possible that keep the user name across all social media platforms. For personal profiles, it’s always better to have your own name as a user name and for corporate profiles, the company name works better.

3. The profile picture on social media

It is always a good idea to go with your own picture or company logo as a profile picture. If it is your personal account, always go a nice headshot of yours. If it is a corporate account it is better to go with that brand logo but if you are the face of the company, you can also use your photo as a profile picture on the company's social media profile such as in the case of musicians, actors, influencers or speakers.

4. Social media profile link

It is always important to make sure that people know about you, so make sure to add your profile link to the front page of your social media profile. It depends from one platform to another but always takes advantage of opportunities where they allow you to post your profile link. It will help bring more traffic to your website and will result in an increase in business.

5. Bio of your social media profile

Social media profile bio plays an important part in the success of your profile. Your bio is normally one or two lines about you or your business so make sure to take full advantage of that and use proper keywords that perfectly describe you or your business. Always make sure to add a call to action button at the end of your bio so people know that how they can reach you.

6. Interests in your social media

Adding interests to your social media profile is important as it will help you connect with more people who have similar interests to yours. Some people avoid these forms when making a social media profile especially in the case of business profiles but that only hurt your profile to be discovered by many people.

7. Profile cover or background image

These days most social media platforms let you post cover or background images on your profile. Many people don’t think it is important and leave it to default or blank and that is a mistake. A customized background can help you better showcase your profile to your followers, it will help people to get a better understanding of your profile on first look. Social media platforms like Facebook let you post a video as a background so take advantage of that and attract more followers to your profile.

8. Profile privacy settings

After creating an effective social media profile you need to make sure that it is viewable by people. So it is recommended that after completing making your profile you should always look at the privacy settings of your account. If it is a business account that everything should be viewable by the public but if it is your personal account then it is perfectly ok to hide few things.

9. Consistency is the key

Once your profile is complete it is not a smart thing to leave it blank, make sure you regularly post and stay active. To stay active connect with people, add friends and family, reply to comments and ask questions. Don’t expect people to start following you straight away, it takes time and you should have patients.

10. Promotion of your social media profile

A healthy social media promotion never hurts anyone, it will help others to discover your profile and connect with you. Make sure to always interlink all your social media profiles as it will benefit you on all social media platforms.

Stay active, stay connected and stay successful on social media. These are the top elements to create a successful social media profile, let us know what you think about this in the comment box below.

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