Return of Taliban in Afghanistan

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Who are the Taliban?

The Taliban that means student in the Pashto language is a group that first emerged in northern Pakistan in the early 1990s. It is believed that the Taliban movement first started in religious seminars, paid by Saudi Arabia to preach the religious teaching of Sunni Islam. During this time Taliban made a promise to enforce their own version of Sharia or Islamic law in Pakistan and Afghanistan while providing safety and peace to the people of those areas. To know more about the Taliban and its history with the US and Russia check out our previous blog

Return of Taliban in Afghanistan

February 2019 - Peace talks between US and Taliban

Negotiation between the US and Taliban started in Doha for America to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and in return, the Taliban won’t allow terrorist groups to operate from Afghanistan.

29th February 2020 - Peace deal signed between America and Taliban

Both America and the Taliban agreed on the terms and conditions for peace in Afghanistan and a deal was signed between US envoy Khalilzad and Taliban’s Baradar.

12th September 2020 - Intra Afghan talks began for peace

In Doha, Qatar representatives from both the Afghan government and the Taliban meet for the first time in almost 20 years. Talks began after the Afghan government released 5000 Taliban prisoners. Both Taliban and The Afghan government were eager to establish peace in Afghanistan after the withdraw of American troops from the country. Afghan government demand for cease-fire against Afghan security forces and the Taliban demanded that country be run on an Islamic system.

14th April 2021 - Biden announce the complete withdrawal of US troops by 9/11

US president Joe Biden announces that “it’s time to end America’s longest war”, he made it clear that America will remove all its troops from Afghanistan by 9/11. Biden also said that regardless of how the inter-Afghan talks go, whether the Taliban cease-fire of Afghan Security forces and Afghan people, American troops will leave Afghanistan by 11th September 2021. He made clear that all NATO forces will also leave the region by the same time but America will continue to help negotiate peace Afgan government and the Taliban.

May 2021 - Taliban start taking control

After US president Joe Biden announced that America will withdraw his troops from Afghanistan by 11th September 2021, the Taliban started its camping to take control over the outer skirts of the country.

August 2021- Taliban reached Kabul

After taking control of 90% of Afghanistan the Taliban reached Kabul the capital of the country. Within a span of few months, the Taliban defeated Afghan security forces throughout the country without much resistance. Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani said they will not run from the country and fight with the Taliban.

15th August 2021 - Taliban took control of Kabul

On 15th August Taliban reached Kabul and take control of the capital without any resistance. President Ashraf Ghani fled the country with his family leaving the people of the country in total chaos. Kabul airport is flooded with people who wants to flee the country but there is no system or government left. Taliban took control of the biggest prison in Kabul and release all the prisoners from it.

16th August 2021 - End of the Afghan government

Including US 65 other nations have urged the Taliban to allow the people to leave the country on a humanitarian basis. Kabul international airport has been sealed and no commercial flights are allowed to come in or depart from here. US has sent its 6000 soldiers to evacuate all US citizens from Afganistan. All other countries are also trying to bring their citizens from Afganistan.

So the conclusion is that the Taliban is back in power in Afganistan after 20 years and the people of Afganistan are not sure that what will be their future. Please feel free to let us know in the comment box below that what you think about the conditions in Afganistan and who is to blame.

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