How to Lead and Manage a Remote Team?

Last Updated by Ravinder 17-Nov-2021

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“WORK FROM HOME” was a rare term we got to hear from people before 2020, but this pandemic changed everything and work from home has become a common thing in today’s world. This sudden change in the working environment of people brings challenges for both employees and employers. So today we will discuss top tips for managers on how to lead and manage a remote team effectively.

1. Daily Check-in

In starting this may seem like a bit too much but for the team and team leaders, it is a key for smooth operation. As most of the team members are new to this remote working, a daily check-in can give them a sense of responsibility to start work on time. This will help create a work environment and result in better productivity.

2. Regular Communication

Regular communication or you can also say over communication is required to get desired results when working remotely. It is important for managers to stay in constant contact with the employees when the team is working from home, constantly checking the progress and providing any new updates if required.

3. Take Advantage of Technology

In this era of advancement, there are so many tools that we use to make our work easier and more effective. Since we are working remotely the tools like zoom, Microsoft teams and google hangouts have made our lives much simpler. So in these times of work from home, it is very important to take advantage of technology. To know more read our previous blog about the best apps for small businesses

4. Establish Rules of Engagement

Rule of engagement or ROEs is very important for any organization if they wanna succeed. It is very important for a manager to set the ROEs for his team to get effective and efficient output from his team. Rule of engagements helps the employee to understand what they have to do in any specific situation, which results in the delivery of work on time and without any errors.

5. Focus on Outcome, Not Activity

This is a process where you empower the employee and increase their engagement. In this process, a manager should clearly explain the project and define the desired result to the employee and let the employee make his own plan of execution to get the work done in the most effective way possible.

6. Define Outcome to The Team

When you are managing a team it is very important that every team member understand their role in the project and they know what kind of outcome is expected from them. It is a very crucial part of a managers job to make proper coordination between the team and try to get the best output in a timely manner.

7. Provide Resources

As it is impossible to win a war without proper weapons same is applicable in remote work. It is the manager’s job to provide proper equipment like a laptop, internet, webcam and headsets to the team so they can do their job without any problems.

8. Be Flexible

As we have discussed earlier that work from home is a new concept for most of us. Not every member of the team has same work from home conditions, some have private working space and some needs to work in a family living room, some have spouse and children whereas others are living alone, some are attending team meetings from their private home office and others may be attending from the bathroom, kitchen or maybe inside their closet. So it is an important part of a manager’s job to be flexible with their team and try to make them as comfortable as possible to get the job done in the most effective way.

These are few important points on how to lead and manage a remote team. Let us know what you think about this in the comment box below. Please feel free to give any suggestions on how to make it better or what you wanna read about next

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