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Blogging is one of the most trending things on the internet nowadays, everyone likes to read blogs and moreover want to write them. There are millions of bloggers in the world, in the current times.  From cooking food to living a healthy lifestyle, from buying a phone to buying cars, from education to business, there are blogs on every topic available over the internet.

Many bloggers start blogging as an adventure, to follow their passion of writing while there are others too who start blogging just for the income but the thing is the majority of them fails to get any recognition. There might be many reasons for the failure but most of the times it is the lack of knowledge regarding the audience and topic that they are blogging about. There is a process that needs to be followed in order to achieve success and it might not come overnight but if you do it right, it surely will come.

Blogging is one of the easiest things over the internet if you know how to do it right. just write your heart and mind out and if it's likeable to you then it will be liked by others too for sure.

8 step guide/tips to become a successful blogger: -

Select your blogging topic.     

This is the first and the most important thing for being a blogger; one should always know where their talent lies before starting to write blogs. People always fall in the pit-hole of trends, they basically find the trending topics and start blogging about the same but if one’s strength is something a world apart from the topic then they are doomed for failure for sure. As an example, there are thousands of bloggers blogging about the food and lifestyle as these are always trending but only a few of them succeed to attract and indulge audience as they have something unique and most importantly something new to add to the tally.

If a blogger knows their strength and has a unique style of writing even the same thing as others, they will succeed for sure. Find what your strength is and find a topic you can talk about without thinking much about it or getting bored of it. The best thing is if you are confused between a few topics, try writing at least 500 words about each one of them. After a while, you will realize that there is one among the other topics in which you don’t even need to think much and that’s your topic to start blogging.
If you don’t love the topic you want to blog about, then you should not even consider start blogging about it. Always focus on writing about one or a few topics only because diversity is surely not the key here.

Do the research and get educated.

A blogger always need to know if the audience is even interested in reading the blogs that they wish to write. There are always new things to learn even if someone feels they already know everything about the topic they want to write about. It is always better to find new things which might interest the audience more.

Select a platform.

There are many platforms where a blog can be started. A blogger should know what audience they want to target and find the best platform to target that audience. Like if you want to blog about style and lifestyle tips, the best platform will be Instagram. There are thousands of people who are on Instagram interested in such topics.

Find a good name and domain name.

A blogger should always find a unique and easy to remember yet catchy domain name that isn’t easy to forget. Make sure the domain name and the blog name are suggesting what your blogs will be about so that the audience knows what they are going to be read. If your domain name is confusing and hard to remember, then the audience might forget it all together even if they are liking your blogs.


Try to make your blog unique. Make sure nothing is copied from anywhere. The more authentic you will make your blog, the more chances there are that the audience will love reading it.

Popularize your blogs.

This is one of the most important steps for the success of your blogs. You need to popularize your blogs; let all know that there is a blog about whatever topic you like on this domain name.

 Share your blogs to every social media platform you get access to. In today’s internet generation, Social media is the platform where nobody can get success overnight. So a blogger needs to use it to their advantage. Ask your friends to popularize your blogs and share it on their profiles, if still this entire thing doesn’t work out for you and you are still not able to attract much audience. Then try other ways, pay other successful influencers to broadcast you.

For a blogger to be successful, popularity is very important. A blogger having a social media presence and a large friend circle will be more successful even if their content is not worth it. Many bloggers fail to get the audience to their blogs even when they have something out of the box. So, do anything and everything to get the popularity required to get the audience to your blogs.

Consistency is the key.

Consistency is the main rule of success. Try to be consistent in publishing your blogs. Always make sure your audience doesn’t have to wait much for the blogs.

 There are always others to read so if your audiences have to wait for your blogs, they will move on to others even if they liked yours more. Even if you need to write one blog per week, make sure it’s worth the wait for a whole week; choose a day of your liking and always publish your blogs so that the audience automatically know when to get back.

Limit your words.

A blogger always need to know how many words are enough. Nobody in today’s world has time to read thousands of words. Try to put your thoughts in enough words but not too many as it will make the audiences bore and not reading and moreover sharing it.

Although there are many bloggers who suggest making your blogs in at least 3000 words but to be successful, a blogger should decide the limit. Different topics need different word length, not every topic need to be lengthened to 3000 words, some might be in 700 to 800 words and are enough to be likeable for the audiences. The average words should be around 1000 to 1500 because the limit is enough to share your thoughts and the audience might also stay interested and have time to read this much.

  Although all these tips are enough to make a blogger from a beginner to a successful one but there are other things one should keep in mind while starting a blog like making an interactive yet simple theme for your blog posts which doesn’t confuse your audiences.

Blogging is quite easy and a good way to earn something nowadays but only if you are in love with the topic you are blogging or else it will become a burden on you after sometime when you will not be able to think of anything new and might run out of all ideas.

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