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Top Sources for Passive Income

Last Updated by Ravinder 28-Aug-2021

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All of us want free time to enjoy things we like but are too much concerned about the finances lost during that period of time. Imagine, you spend most of your time doing things you enjoy and still earn money without being directly involved in the labour. You can skip your workdays without the fear of the salary getting deducted. With passive income, you can enjoy your life without taking too much pressure on yourself and plan on retiring early.

By definition, passive income is the income earned through sources in which you are not actively involved. This may include rental properties, investments or limited partnerships. But the options for passive income are never-ending and therefore profitable.

Here are the best ways to earn passive income:


Stock Videos and Photos

Everyone likes to capture photos and record videos, what if I told you that you can earn from your photos and videos? Amazing, isn’t it. There are plenty of websites where you can upload your photos and videos in stock for others creators to use for their personal use. Some of the best stock images sites are Adobe Stock, iStock, Pexels, FreePik, etc. You can also submit your photos and videos on a request basis on websites like seoclerk.com and fiverr.com.


Affiliate Marketing

For bloggers and content creators, affiliate marketing is among the major source of income. Affiliate programs help you create good passive income even with fewer users engaging with your site because they pay you for every signup individually.

There are a variety of affiliate programs available within the market with their individual offers and perks. we've got handpicked 5 of them in our blog on Best Affiliate Programs for 2021. If you're new to affiliate marketing, we've got just the proper thing for you.


Become Online Tutor

There are various websites where you can teach your skill to other students online and earn a good amount of earning from it. So many people want to learn something new, and during this pandemic, they used these sites to learn so many new things. Some of these platforms are studypool.com and fiverr.com. The best part of this is, you’re not bound to the same boring schedule, you teach what you enjoy. 


Online Website Tester

This one is for all those programmers out there who want to play with user interfaces to recognize bugs and issues with the designs, there are plenty of online platforms that pay you to test other user’s websites for bugs and issues. Most of the students enrol in the testings so that they could enhance their programming skills and earn money doing that. The more issues you help resolve, the more significant your personal branding becomes. Top online website testing platforms you can join today as a tester are usertesting.com, userfeel.com, testingtime.com, trymyui.com 


Online Translation Services

Online translation services are becoming quite popular these days. There are many people who are looking to earn few quick bucks by translating online. If you are also interested in making money then we have just the thing for you. You can go to websites like peopleperhour.com and under the category find a translation. There are many translation jobs which you can do and get paid upto 30 to 100 dollars per hour. To do this you can take the help of google translator or Grammarly.




These are a few of the ways to earn passive income without indulging much in the work. You are given a chance to earn money doing something you really enjoy and are passionate about. 

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