What are Backlinks?

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A backlink is a link pointing from one webpage to a different website. The search engine prioritizes backlinks on the top factors for ranking your website. The more backlinks for your webpage, the more it ranks on the search index. You can consider backlinks as “votes” that you receive from other web pages. To gain more organic traffic on your webpage, you need to have a large number of backlinks for that webpage.

TL;DR The number of backlinks is directly proportional to ranking on web search.

Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks are best for SEO

The foundations of most of the search index ranking algorithms are based on the backlinks to the webpage. The average number of backlinks to your website helps it to gain overall top ranks in the search index.

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Types of Backlinks

Editorial Backlinks

When any article or blog uses your website’s content in their content, they cite that part of the text and provide editorial backlinks to your website. This type of backlink provides so much traffic if it’s cited by a website with higher domain authority.

Guest Blogging Backlinks

When you write an article or blog for some other website and provide a backlink to your own website, it is referred to as guest blogging backlinks. It is a very effective way to provide initial traffic growth to your website. You can ask different websites to allow you to write guest blogs and increase your target audience.


You can be a guest speaker in different webinars and workshops related to your field of interest and provide links to your profile and website for the attendees to visit. This result in a lot of new users getting aware of your website, as a result, search engines start promoting your content related to that field.

Comment Backlinks

Try to engage with different posts and blogs of famous and popular creators from your field. Try to comment on their posts and leave a link to your content, this attracts the audience from their content to your website. As they have a lot of visitors to their website, if only a fraction of them clicks on the link, it would be beneficial for your SEO.

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