Best Apps for Small Businesses

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In this modern time, it is impossible to imagine a business without technology. Small business owners have to manage most of their work by themselves like planning and dealing with the clients. The other work may include project management, keeping a record of the payments and orders, customer feedback, payroll and many more. 

Due to a limited budget, it's difficult to hire more managers. So, to help businesses manage all the different tasks easily, there are many apps available in the digital market. 

Today we have handpicked the best apps for managing small businesses.

Quickbooks by Intuit

Quickbooks was developed by Intuit and is the most famous app for managing your accounting solutions and have a cloud-based version called ‘Quickbooks Online’ for business payments, payrolls and billings. The windows software and an online version is available internationally but the MacOS version is still limited to the US only.


Wave helps you with your finances, which include expense tracking, receipt generation, payrolls, taxes, etc. It has its own payment gateway and it also gives you the option to calculate taxes on your services.


Square is the best all-in-one payment app for small businesses. Its POS system makes receiving payments very easy for you. It is easy to set up, affordable and free online tools.

But the functionality of Square is limited to small businesses, as your business grows, you might feel a lack of functions.


Gusto provides cloud-based payroll, benefits, HR management. It also helps in managing employee's payments and contracts along with all the paperwork necessary for tax, immigration, labour, etc.


Shopventory allows you to manage all your sales and stocks in one place. It gives you time-to-time reports and alerts regarding your inventory. You can easily know which product performed best in the market and which didn’t sell at all. It is so much easier than hiring an individual just for managing your sales report. You get so much information regarding your services.


Slack is the best solution for managing all your employees and their teams using a single platform. You can create different channels for different teams and let them interact using a professional tool instead of emails and SMS. They can also perform voice chats for online meetings and remain up-to-date for all the updates you post on the main channel instead of emailing individual employees.

Google Drive

Google Drive provides you with a cloud-based storage system where you can store any data. You can upload large files on the drive instead of keeping them in physical storage at your place, where they can easily get misplaced or damaged. You can create different directories for different departments for easy access to the information. It is also a very secure place to store your data.


For most businesses, an app or website is a must for being in the competition. For automating your entire software workflow, you can have a repository on GitHub. This allows employees to edit the code by pulling it from the repository instead of asking for different codes from different developers. Each employee can see the changes and review them without actually affecting to production line working code before finalizing the changes.


The most important part of marketing your business is creating attractive and eye-catching posters and designs for your services and ads. Canva is an image editing software with many different sizes and presets for most social media sites built-in. You can also add custom sizes for more flexibility in your design. It is very much affordable as compared to the Adobe Cloud products and is ideal for small businesses.


If you hire freelancers for your business, this tool is a must for you. Toggl helps you keep track of the number of hours the freelancer worked on the project assigned to him/her by your company. It also makes it easier for you to hire employees by their smart skill tests in different disciplines.


These were the best apps for managing your small business, this will reduce your workload and you will have time to deal with more clients and plan on growing your business. All your employees have a secure platform to communicate and interact on. The workflow of your company can be eased by using these apps. 

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