How to delete your Google browsing history permanently?

Last Updated by Ravinder 23-Aug-2021

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Deleting your browser history is not enough for stopping different trackers and bots from targeting your account based on your web surfing habits.

You need to delete your Web & Search Activity from your google account dashboard.

Follow the steps below to delete your history from Google.

Step 1

Go to My Activity Page on your google account.

Step 2

Select the vertical ellipsis (⋮) and then Delete activity by.

Step 3

Select All time from the Delete Activity dialog box.

Step 4

In the Choose which services to delete activity from dialog box, select the ‘Select All’ checkbox.

Step 5

Google will ask you to confirm the deletion of your search and web activity. Click on the ‘Delete’ button.

Step 6

And voila, your search and web history has been permanently deleted from the Google database.

Step 7

Your screen should now look like this.

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