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Why Your Business Needs A Website?

Last Updated by Ravinder 03-Aug-2021

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In today’s digital world, having a business and not taking it online is like having a body without any blood in it. People nowadays often first look for a product online even if they want to buy it offline from a store so that they can find the best product or its alternative. Most customers are looking for information about a product that can help them make a better and smarter purchase. This buyer or customer behavior is enough to tell you the importance of a website for business.

We have already discussed various aspects related to start-up businesses in our previous blogs. Today, we are going to discuss the importance of a website in the business.

“People shop and learn in a whole new way compared to just a few years ago, so marketers need to adapt or risk extinction” – Brian Halligan

People in the modern world are often busy and they tend to be smart; so they don’t have time to visit shops but have enough time to surf the internet and find the right product of their liking. The young generation will even look for a small pin online before buying it and To be honest, it is the best way. People can know all about the product at their own house and then later just need to pick it up from the shop without searching for it at different places.

One of the best things about the internet is that it doesn’t care about the size of your company or brand so even if your business is small or new, a website is always helpful for you. To be honest, the importance of a website for a small business is far greater than a bigger business. A website not only provides credibility to a small business but also makes your business look bigger, successful and trustworthy to your customers. A website will not only promote your business and help increase your sales but it also helps in distinguishing you from your competitors.

A better and user-friendly designed website will always attract more customers than a poorly designed website. We at Buzz and Bizz, provide all the services from Web development to Website Designing, Web hosting, Graphic Designing etc. so if you feel the need for a new website or a makeover to your old one, just contact us anytime and we will sort everything out for you.

According to a survey, if your business doesn’t have a website it is already losing around 80% of its potential customers. Just by having an online presence, your business can get more customers. Think of a website as a 24*7 open showroom for your business, your customers will be increasing even when your real showroom or business will be closed. In short, your website is the best and cheapest marketing tool for your business.

Here are 7 reasons discussing the importance of a business website

1. It gives your business a chance to connect with millions.

Websites provide your business with an opportunity to be recognized worldwide. It provides your business with the opportunity of having customers from all parts of the world. More than 5 billion searches are done on Google alone every day from all around the world and people are searching for everything, so whatever is your business there are always people looking for it. If your business has a website, there are always chances that people see your business and like it.

2. First impression

A website is your business’s first impression, your customers will look at your website and will decide if your business is worth their time or not. So having a well-designed website is always important. A website is basically your digital business card if the first impression of the card is good on the customer, they will want to invest their time in your products or services. However, if your website looks dull and outdated to the customers, they will just move on to other websites.

“Your website should be your calling card, or your business front door” – James Schramko

A customer judges your business within seconds of seeing your website; it doesn’t matter if you have a great business or not, if your website is not appealing then your business is also not appealing to the customers.

3. Credibility

A website provides credibility to your business. Many of you might have doubts about that but believe it, as almost 70% of people surf the internet before buying anything, credibility is quite a thing. If you are doing it right and providing the customers with the best of your business, they will build a trustworthy relationship with your business and may suggest it to their friends and family. The more the credibility of your business, the more the opportunity for your business to grow.

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is- it’s what consumer tell each other it is.” – Scott Cook

4. Accessible 24*7

A hardworking entrepreneur/businessman needs good sleep and proper work timings but there are always competitors who are willing to go the extra mile while you sleep. No, you don’t need to do the same to outdo them; the simplest way is having a website. A website is 24*7 active and accessible to all your customers, your business website will do your work when you can rest and dream about your future.

If you don’t have a website, many of your customers might have to wait for you to open up. That’s not a likeable scenario for any business as many customers might just look for an alternative and you will lose customers. Through a website, your business is always open to your customers.

5. Marketing

The internet is the biggest market in modern times with billions of customers for every business. The best part is it is the easiest to target; you can outbid your biggest competitors with a well-designed website and good SEO. Even if you have to run ads for your business, these online ads cost much less than any other form of marketing ads and it brings much better results too. The visibility of your company increases by your business website.

Basically, having a website is the most basic and an important step for marketing your business.

6. Engages customers

A website is the best way to engage with your customers, it helps them to provide you with feedback about your products or services. You can let your customers know about new products/services online and they can check it out before the things run out even if they are busy. A website helps you build a relationship with your customers. It shows your customers that you are putting them first and care about their needs.

“If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you”- Zig Ziglar

7. Can be used as a map or directions

A website can easily provide a road map to your business’s physical location or shops/offices. It would provide ease to customers to trust your brand.


More than 90% of your potential customers are looking for you online and if you are still not interested in a website then you are happy selling to only 10% of your potential customers. That is true; you are reducing the potential size of your business if you are against taking your business online.

However, after reading all the importance of a website for business if you are interested in taking your business online and not sure how to do that, or where to begin. Don’t worry, we at Buzz and Biz specialize in helping you with all your quarries, just give us a call and we will sort everything out for you. Buzz and Biz is one of the best and emerging Web Development and Website Designing Company.

It doesn’t matter if your business is small scale or big, every business requires a website in this internet era. And why not? If your competitors are doing it, you should also try it.

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