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Delhi NCR’s emerging web development agency BUZZandBIZ specializes in providing a unique experience to its every customer. Buzz and Biz exists to thrive, to deliver the best experience to its customer and achieve the highest rank of client satisfaction while delivering the best of our services.

Our expertise lies in Web development, Website designing, App development on both platforms Android and iOS, Digital marketing, web hosting and Graphic designing.

We at Buzz and Biz are not afraid of experimenting with designing, hence providing you with unique, latest and best website designs. So, if you think your website is not up to the standards or need a makeover, don’t look elsewhere, we got you covered. Just get in touch with us and we will find the best website design for your business.

Building a long-lasting and trustworthy relationship with our clients and their satisfaction is our top priority


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Design Services

We offer professional web design services at affordable rates to help your business attract more visitors and keep them on your site!

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Web Development

A good design is nothing without its functionality. At BUZZ and BIZ, our team of expert web developer

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App Development

In this era, where 9 out of 10 people have a smartphone and more than 80% of internet browsing is done

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Website Design

In this tech era, it is impossible to make your business successful without having a digital presence.

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Digital Marketing

It doesn't matter how great your business is "if people don't know about it". At BUZZ and BIZ, our expert

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Graphic Design

As we all know that “Picture speaks a thousand words”. At BUZZ and BIZ we have a team of expert

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Web Hosting

Hosting is like a home for your website.

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Our vision is to get global recognition and we want to achieve it with our quality services. We want to see our client's digital presence over the internet that increases their brand identity. We build our relationships with clients through honesty, understanding and technical leadership.


Buzz and Biz's mission is to transform our client businesses in to the best for which they await with pleasure. We aim to provide the best web application and development services with unmatched professional skills. Our goal is to become the best and most trusted brand in web technologies field.


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Franchise Business: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

An entrepreneur always dreams of one thing, that is owning a successful business and the biggest fear of entrepreneur is that there are thousands of roadblocks in starting a new business and the most difficult one is to enlarge a small business. So, what is the alternative to avoid so...

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Do’s and Don’ts of Content Writing

Content writing, a field where everybody thinks they are an expert until or unless they have to do it. Content writing is the dream job for everyone today, work from home, work as much or as less as you want, no boss over you, and so on, the list of advantages is never-ending. So, what...

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End of Democracy

“India” the biggest democracy in the world, you all have heard it but the question is do you believe it? As we have already said that it is impossible to get politics out of anything in India, if you look at the present stage of politics in India, it will make you believe that India...

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Farmer Protests: Just an Opposition Agenda or Reality?

Farmers are the backbone of the Indian economy and also the biggest agenda to win any election in India. Whenever the election arrives, every politician suddenly becomes farmers or calls themselves originated from farmer families and starts caring about farmers. These politicians make...

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Importance of Revenue Management

A business is set up on some basic principles or so-called pillars like management, marketing, production, supply and so on but the most important pillar that bears the peer pressure of any business is “Revenue Management”. The ultimate goal of any business is to make profits and...

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China: The Digital Spy

China has a history of violence and cheap tricks, it always has eyes on the lands/territories of its weak neighbours who can’t even defend their selves. From Hongkong to Taiwan, Tibet and other small countries, the world has seen the cheap and inhuman side of China. Now when China...

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