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Why The World Should Be Concerned About The Taliban Rule in Afghanistan?

Last Updated by Ravinder 08-Feb-2022

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People are fleeing their homes, guys with AK-47 roaming the streets of Kabul, Kabul international airport is flooded with people, People are falling from planes, women are being forced to marry or turn into sex slaves. Doesn't this look like a scene from some Hollywood war movie, but no it’s today’s reality in Afghanistan.
We all might have seen in the news that the Taliban has total control of Afghanistan now and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has fled the country, leaving it in total chaos. At this point, no one knows what will be the future of the Afghan people but have we thought about how it is going to affect the rest of the world? So let’s discuss the top few reasons why the world should be concerned about the Taliban rule in Afghanistan.

Human Rights Violations

The Taliban was created on the agenda of establishing their version of sharia law in the world. They might say that this is forward-thinking but according to the people of Afghanistan, today’s Taliban is no different to that of the Taliban from 2 decades ago. What it means is:
● No rights for women
● Public executions of their opponents
● No freedom of speech for anyone except them
● Forcing small girls to marry their fighter
● It’s their way or highway
It’s only been a couple of days since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan and they have already proved that there is no difference. After gaining control of the region
● The Taliban has started killing people in execution-style
● Public lashing of women
● Shutting down schools
● Destroying the hospitals and infrastructure

Afghanistan Again Becoming the Safe Haven for Terrorists

The Taliban might say that they have signed a deal with the US that they will not let terrorists use Afghanistan as their base for terror activities, but can we really believe them?
Last week a former US defence secretary, Leon Panetta said that “the Taliban are terrorists and they will always support terrorists.” He also said that if the Taliban is in power then they will definitely support terrorist groups like ISIS, al-Qaeda and all the other extremist groups which will always be a threat to the United States and the whole world. Many other leaders and officials from around the world have shown similar concerns.

Taliban Can Destabilize Pakistan

● Pakistan is the place where the Taliban was first created
● Pakistan’s ISI is believed to be the brain behind the Taliban’s religious movement
● It resulted in the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in 1996
● The Pakistani army has always considered the Taliban as a perfect alley and tool against their oldest rival India
However, this has backfired on Pakistan as the Taliban has made a stronghold in Pakistan and continuously creating problems for the government of Pakistan. Top officials from around the world believe that it can be the end of the road for Pakistan with the Taliban because if they get any stronger in Afghanistan then it won’t be that difficult for them to also get control in Pakistan.
The International community is very concerned about it because Pakistan is a nuclear power and if the Taliban got control of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons then it could have a catastrophic impact on the whole world.

China's Foothold in Afghanistan

In recent years we have seen that the Taliban is trying to portray a positive image in the world. They are trying to prove that it's a changed Taliban and it's open for global business
The last time when Taliban was in power they were only recognized by three governments that were:
● Pakistan
● Saudi Arabia
● United Arab Emirates
However, this time they are holding press conferences and meeting with delegates from different countries.
● After the meeting with the Taliban, China has promised huge investments in Afghanistan.
● China has promised investments in energy, road network and Infrastructure.
● China also has eyes on the country's huge untapped rare earth minerals mining.
● China has also recognized the Taliban as an official government in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Could Become a Drug Capital of The World

Just 2 days after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, the United States have announced that they have frozen the Afghan government’s bank accounts in America which have around $10 billion, so that means the Taliban can’t access that money. So what will they do to make money?
● Opium, which is native to Afghanistan and can be sold in millions in international markets
● It won’t surprise anyone if the Taliban again turn to drug sales to earn money to carry their operation forward
● Afghanistan can become a new drug capital of the world.

This is our list of top reasons why the world should be concerned about the Taliban rule in Afghanistan. Let us know what you think about it in the comment box below.
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