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What is the Importance of a Good Title for Blog?

“What’s in a Name?” This is a famous quote from Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. But for a blog name or title of the blog is very important as it is the first impression of your blog to the reader. Let us discuss why a good title is important for your blog.Grab...

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Top Sources for Passive Income

All of us want free time to enjoy things we like but are too much concerned about the finances lost during that period of time. Imagine, you spend most of your time doing things you enjoy and still earn money without being directly involved in the labour. You can skip your workdays...

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Top Affiliate Programs for 2021

Are you a Blogger?Are you looking for passive income?Are you familiar with affiliate programs?Are you ready to take that next step towards success?If your answer to any of the above questions is “YES” then you are at right place.For bloggers and content creators, one of the major...

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Top Free Websites for Blogging

With the new year just around the corner, you might be thinking of a new habit or resolution. With the past whole year passed with a lot of ups and downs, it is hard keeping all your thoughts contain within your head and you might want to share your views with other people around the...

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How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Blog

Do you know that more than 4 million blogs are being posted on world wide web everyday? But do we know how many of those ever made it to the top 100 searches in Google? You’ll be surprised to know that answer is less than 0.01%.So do we know what separates those few blogs from millions...

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Top 10 Free Wordpress Themes for Blogging Website

Are you a blogger?Are you looking to build a Wordpress website?Are you searching for perfect Wordpress theme for your website?Are you ready to take a next step in your journey?If YES is your answer to above questions then you are at right place. In our previous blogs we had discussed...

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Importance of Website Loading Speed

We all are familiar with the tale of the rabbit and the tortoise. Slow and steady wins the race, that’s what we have been taught but does it apply in the current times? In this internet era, where everyone is in a rush and nobody has time to waste, the saying has no meaning anymore....

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Do’s and Don’ts of Content Writing

Content writing, a field where everybody thinks they are an expert until or unless they have to do it. Content writing is the dream job for everyone today, work from home, work as much or as less as you want, no boss over you, and so on, the list of advantages is never-ending. So, what...

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What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism, a word every blogger is familiar with but many doesn’t even know what plagiarisms mean. It sounds like plaque and might also work as one for your site if not taken care of. The best things about plagiarism are it is easily avoidable and there are many tools that can help...

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