How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Blog

Last Updated by Ravinder 28-Nov-2020

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Do you know that more than 4 million blogs are being posted on world wide web everyday? But do we know how many of those ever made it to the top 100 searches in Google? You’ll be surprised to know that answer is less than 0.01%.

So do we know what separates those few blogs from millions of other blogs? As per our research, there are multiple factors that make your blog stand out in the crowd and bring more organic traffic to your blog. 

Today in this blog we will discuss top 5 factors that helps to bring more organic traffic to your blog.

1). Reconsider Your Niche

As we have discussed in our previous blog about how to be a successful blogger that no niche is too small and there are audiences for every topic.

But it is always important to know what you are writing about as if you have chosen the niche only because you think it is popular and have a large target audience then you can’t be more wrong. You should always choose the niche you are comfortable writing about and have a proper grasp of the topic. 

2). Posting

Posting frequency of your blogs is very important as if you post too many blogs at a time then there is a chance that your readers can feel overwhelmed, and if you post too little then there is a chance that your readers won’t even remember about your blogs. So it is very important to make that perfect balance and try to keep your posting steady and constant so your readers know what to expect from you.

3). Push Your Popular Posts

Your popular blogs are the most important assets on your website so make sure to use them. Make sure to have a feature like popular blogs on your website’s home page as it will help visitors of your website to get started and they will know what to expect from you. Always take some time to go through your past blogs and use blogs which has most interaction in your popular blog section.

4). Distribution 

As someone very wise once said that “content is KING but distribution is QUEEN and she wears the pants” so this means that even good content is useless without proper distribution. It is very important to market your blog properly as if readers can’t reach it that means it doesn’t exist. In today’s era, social media can be very powerful distribution tool for your blog. Read more about it in our previous blog importance of social media in blogging.

5). Keywords

Do have an idea about SEO? If not read our previous blog about what is SEO and its importance in blogging. Keywords are the most important factor behind the success of any blog. Keywords are the words by which generally people search about the blog on the internet to know more about importance of keywords in blogging read our previous blog.

These are few important factors that can help in increase of organic traffic to your website.

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Dec 04, 2020

Veruly informative 👍

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