Top Platforms For Freelancing in 2021

Last Updated by Ravinder 02-Sep-2021

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Today when the whole world is affected by COVID 19. Everyone is looking for an additional source of passive income by using skills they already possess. But then comes the main QUESTION that where can they get work as per their skills. But don’t worry anymore as today we are going to discuss the top platforms for freelancing, which can help you take that next step towards SUCCESS.

Top platforms for freelancing.

1. Upwork

When it comes to freelancing there is a no bigger name than Upwork. It is one of the biggest freelancing platforms out there. To this date, Upwork has connected millions of businesses with independent freelancers. Upwork has all kinds of clients from individual start-ups to the biggest companies in fortune 100. In 2020 alone freelancers had made over 2 billion dollars on Upwork.

Upwork has many categories to choose from like website design and development, business management, financing and accounting, customer support, consultation and many more

2. Fiverr

Fiverr has been one of the top choices of freelancers. It can be the best freelancing platform if you are willing to put in the handwork. Fiverr has project-based pricing, not like other platforms where generally paid on per hour basis. 

Fiverr has more than 250 categories to choose from like Information technology, business management, accounting and finance and many more

3. Freelancer

Freelancer is a Sydney, Australia based company which is founded in 2009. It connects businesses with freelancers. It is a platform where you need to bid to win the project. Its has become one of the fastest rising freelancing platforms in recent years.

Freelancer has multiple categories you can choose from like Website development, App development, data entry, graphic design, digital marketing and many more

4. Gun.io

gun.io is one of the top freelancing platforms for work related to the technology industry like website development, App development, graphic design and digital marketing. It provides a very good payment protection system for both businesses and freelancers so no one will lose money. 

gun.io is a growing platform therefore it has a lot of potential for new freelancers in the tech industry.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn” needs no introduction in professional connections. LinkedIn has millions of active users which help you to connect with related people in your field. The best thing about LinkedIn is that it is very effective to find work related to your field. 

These are a few of the top freelancing platforms where it’s easy to find work from the comfort of your home. The only thing you need to do is take the first step and join them, all of them are free to join as freelancers.

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