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With the new year just around the corner, you might be thinking of a new habit or resolution. With the past whole year passed with a lot of ups and downs, it is hard keeping all your thoughts contain within your head and you might want to share your views with other people around the world. You might want to start blogging but don’t want to spend money on hosting a site or building a website. Worry not! We are here with a list of internet platforms that allows you to write blogs for free.

Here are top 5 free blogging websites.

Blogger is a website designed solely for bloggers, you can sign up for free using your Google account and start blogging right away. It provides a variety of designs to choose from. You are free to choose any design which suits your personality. The site provides you with a free domain name with a ‘blogspot.com' subdomain. If you want to have a custom domain, you can pay a small amount for the same. All the designs are easy-to-use, with flexible layouts. You can also earn from your passion by activating Google AdSense, which allows you to gain revenue from your blogs by displaying relevance and targeted ads to your audience.

Blogger provides you the information regarding your blogs using their built-in Analytics. You can know where your audience is coming from and what are their interests. You can also connect your blogs to Google Analytics for more in-depth information.

Medium also provides you with a platform where you could start blogging to target millions of users. They don’t have any restrictions on the type of content you write and what audience you target. If you join their partner program, you could even earn revenue based on the read time of your blogs.

If you want to attract a huge audience for your blog, Medium is all you want. With around 200 Million active monthly members, your stories and content are shared like fire in a dry forest.

LinkedIn is a social media platform for the corporate world, but you can use it for blogging too. Although you can’t earn any revenue from this platform, it allows you to connect with many important people in the niche of your blogs. People might reach out to you for any doubts related to the topics, which helps you gain popularity and expertise.

With mostly professional audience interacting with your valuable content, it helps you grow your personal brand, which might help you in your business.

Tumblr is a site where you can post almost anything and you will get an audience out of it.  For expressing your views, it is a great platform. Your post is shown on people’s dashboards, which constantly updates. You can find a suitable community for the niche of your blogs and start posting your blogs there, more and more people will interact with your content and make it trending on the site.

Reddit is an online forum where you can interact with a variety of communities. These communities are called subreddits, you can find subreddits related to almost anything. You just need to find a suitable subreddit and start posting your views and blogs on them. It is a great platform for attracting unique audience for each of your posts. Your posts are shown on the user feed based on how interactive your post is.

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These were the top sites to express your views using blogging. You can add affiliate links in your blogs if you want to earn more revenue from your blogs. I hope you liked our suggestions and make blogging passion into your profession and guide your audience.

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