Is The Trigger To World War III Already Pressed?

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The world has already seen two world wars and we surely don’t need to discuss what the reason behind those was or how many causalities were encountered on any side but what we do need is to take a look in our upcoming future which is still evitable. Yes, we are talking about the third World War which might start anytime soon but can any of us say that we are ready for it? I guess not because we may never see it coming as we are already pre-occupied with the events of the year 2020. Every country in the world is at chaos right now but some countries are still finding it as an opportunity to invade their enemy countries.

One thing we need to learn from the past is that a country’s invasion is not just an invasion by a country or group of countries but it is basically a threat to democracy and an agenda to other countries to choose sides and fight. During the first and second world war, many countries were still fighting for their freedom so they basically couldn’t participate in any battles but now things have changed, every country is a nuclear superpower and has an army that is ready to fight for their country. Every country has its friends and enemies pretty sorted, so if your country’s friendly country is at war today that means your country is also at war.

The world is advancing but it is still unsure to where; to the advancement of the human race or to its extinction. Humans are busy creating new chaos for themselves from environmental degradation to creating new and advance super weapons like there will be a war with aliens soon. We all know what those weapons are for but still can’t change anything. The world has forgotten the impact that nuclear bombing brought on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the debt of mistakes made by ancestors is still paid by the present generation.

Even one of the greatest scientist of all times Albert Einstein believed that World War III will be so devastating that it will bring the end of human civilization that’s why he said:

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Every country has one goal in mind and that is to be the world superpower; that every other country bows down to their reign and there is the only way to achieve that: weapon advancement, to build the best ‘or should we call it the worst for human society’ weapons. Many countries are busy making bio-weapons now that’s why COVID-19 is also considered as a bio-weapon. These bio-weapons are worse than nuclear weapons because the deaths will be much more terrifying in this case and suffering will be there. Every country is in a race to be the first one to create these devastating weapons from Russia, America to the evilest of the current times China.

After all this there is only one question; where are we heading?

Let’s move on to the point of triggering, what can trigger World War III?

America and Russia

The tensions between the two most developed countries of the current time and also the world superpowers; America and Russia, are not hidden from anyone. These countries have the uttermost responsibility for world peace but there is not a single decision where these two can come together. If one is supporting one thing, the other will definitely not support it; there has always been a massive difference between the ideologies of the two. They have been fighting for supremacy over decades and these two countries might be the biggest reason for the end of the human race as whoever starts the war, these two will be the ones ending it.

In the latest, U.S news agencies have been accusing Russia of the death of 20 U.S soldiers in Afghanistan acclaiming that Russia paid bounties for the killings. To understand the complete thing, please move to The Game of Conspiracies blog as we have already discussed the complete thing there.

America and China

China is considered as the trickster of the current times always coming up with new tactics to end world peace and when Russia is your friend, there is only one country left that can stand against you, America. Everybody is aware of the tensions that have been developing between the two over the decades. China is considered a top threat by many Americans to world peace and to their own country. These two are considered the most advanced countries and China's greed to conquer the world might start World War III. To understand more about the relations between China and America, Please visit the Tale of Allies and Enemies Blog.

In the latest, China and America have been rising tensions in the South China Sea where armies of both countries are just waiting for orders to start WW III.

America and Iran

America might look like the villain in this one, killing some bureaucrat of another country is always a big thing but the explanation given by the Americans was enough to justify the killing. The tensions have never been this high between the two, Iran is not willing to let it go and wanting to avenge the death of their leader. We have already discussed the sinking relations of the two countries in the Year 2020 vs. Planet Earth Blog, please visit there to understand the whole thing.

In the latest, China is supporting Iran to plot revenge against America; apparently ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ theory is used here by China. Many experts believe that China just wants to weaken the U.S.A and if the war starts between Iran and America, China will be the one fighting the war from Iran’s side and that only means one thing, Chaos for the world.

China and Japan

Japan has ruled over more than half of China for many years but after the defeat in WW II, Japan became peace friendly while China turned in to ancient Japan. Now Japan is backed by America and China has captured some very important islands which belong to Japan which is the main reason for rising tensions in the South China Sea.

China and India

China and India have been rivals for decades now. The Indo-China war of 1962 was the result of such rivalry although it is not false that both countries are important partners for trade and both have made efforts to make peace with each other but this is also true that China has never been a good neighbor. The rivalry again got heated when Chinese troops entered the Indian Territory claiming it to be Chinese territory. Even after that, both parties agreed for peace talks but then also Chinese showed their cowardice and killed 20 Indian soldiers by deceitfulness.

India started the Boycott Chinese movement and banned many Chinese companies in protest against the wrongful killing of the soldiers although peace talks are still in motion to avoid any war.

India has very close relations with America, Russia, Israel and many other powerful countries since Mr Modi came into the office. So, unlike 1962 a war between India and China won’t just be a war between these two, it will become WW III for sure.

China against Taiwan and Hong Kong

China has control over Taiwan and Hong Kong, it is clear to the world that China is violating human rights and using every means to keep Taiwan and Hong Kong under its provenience. Chinese claims that these are their territories and don’t like any outside interference while both Hong Kong and Taiwan are asking for support from America and other countries to help them.  Taiwan at least fights for their rights and have their own government and the support of America but Hong Kong got nothing, they are fighting for a long time and got nothing so far.

These tensions don’t look like much when looking at the perspective of the war but it’s a small trigger that can cause massive explosions when others will try to help.

China against the world

China is known to be the villain in any war story nowadays, from Corona Virus to their inhumane, wrong tactics used against the world to prove their dominance are the major factors contributing to it. We have already discussed many cheap tactics of China in our Blog Can world trust China, please do read it. These tactics were first unknown to the world and majorly ignored but things have changed now and every major country is boycotting China and ready to open fronts against China.

Australian troops are already with America in the South China Sea to stop China’s wrongdoings.

India and Pakistan

Two neighbours that are always fighting, everybody knows that Pakistan is funded by their unknown fathers that are basically Islamic countries, China and mostly by terrorist organizations. They have a history of firstly attacking the Indian army or territory with cowardice and hoping to win and when the war begins, then running away blaming India for attacking them. India has the world’s second-largest army and if India decides to attack Pakistan, they can indeed win any war with Pakistan within a day, and conquer it, and even Pakistan knows that.

But Pakistan is Pakistan, they will never accept the truth and to fight against India they choose China. Pakistan offered a major part of its land to China; moreover, every new technology that Pakistan develops is basically developed by China. China has its own agendas and as long as Pakistan is the way to achieve them, China won’t hesitate to help them. Now Pakistan may feel strong with its terrorism and allies with China but on the other side, India is even stronger with its allies with most of the Countries.

Pakistan won’t stop its cowardice of anything from terrorism to breaking ceasefire and one day India will lose its temper and war will begin that will bring China in the picture and if it helps Pakistan, then other countries will come to aid of India and hence WW III. 

North Korea

North Korea is one of the only few countries that can start a world war by themselves and have the tendency to fight with anyone around the world. North Korea’s people are living under the reign and terror of their supreme leader “Kim Jong-un” and he is not someone to mess with. He is one of the worst dictators of all time but it never concerned the world, well now North Korea is showing the world how they are a threat to the world. Kim has been testing Nukes, nuclear weapons and other fatal equipment of destructions openly and every country is afraid that with this state of mind, there is no protection from him.

The most important thing about Kim is that he doesn’t care about his country or people; all he cares about is reputation. So, a man with potential and this kind of attitude is definitely a threat to world peace.

Sunni Nations and Syria

ISIS is on the brink of losing in Syria which is not acceptable by the Sunni nations; Saudi Arabia and its allies have been investing their time, money and resources in ISIS to overthrow Assad’s regime in Syria. These Sunni nations want to turn Syria into a full Sunni nation but with the help of Russians, Iran and Hezbollah; Syrians are able to defeat ISIS.

Since the time it became clear to these Sunni nations that ISIS is defeated, they have gathered their full force to attack again. 350,000 soldiers, 20,000 tanks, 2,450 warplanes and 460 military helicopters are seen at the borders of Syria. These forces are contributed by all the Sunni nations basically, from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, Kuwait, Pakistan and many more and they are calling it a military training exercise named “Northern Thunder”.

According to the experts, these forces are ready to invade Syria at any given time and the goal will be to take out the Assad regime before any help reaches from Russia or Iran. The officials will never admit that this is not a military training exercise but an invasion but the world knows better.

Final words: after this entire thing, one thing is for sure that war has already started whether we know it or not. The trigger has already been pressed and we are just waiting to see it in effect.

Every country wants a strong leader to govern it but what people don’t realize is that a strong leader will take strong decisions and that can bring wars at your doorstep. The world is not as we see it, it is something entirely different and we get to see what these leaders let us see. These so-called Powerful countries are now even trying to sabotage elections of other countries so to bring their friends in power which eventually will help their cause. All of this is leading to one and one thing only, WW III.

“Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means” – Ronald Reagan.

We can only hope that there will be peace and not war but nothing is for sure so let’s just hope that WW III never happens.

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