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Covid Vaccine Update

Covid-19 is still far from over, but the battle is going on. The best way to defeat a virus is by creating a vaccine to stop its spread by immunizing the population against that particular virus. Scientists from all over the world have been researching to develop the most effective...

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Why petrol prices are rising?

The petrol prices in India recently crossed a Rs 100 mark in a few places of Rajasthan and Maharashtra. The other places also witnessed prices not less than Rs 90 per litre But worry not, according to our government, it is good for the taxes, the more you buy, the more tax goes to the...

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Global Current Affairs 2021

So, 2020 was a roller coaster of a year, so much happened in this year and we are glad that it ended. No, God didn’t make an appearance and no aliens were discovered, but jokes apart, if we had a word to define 2020, it would be “Chaos”.Pandemic is still far from over, and we are...

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End of Democracy

“India” the biggest democracy in the world, you all have heard it but the question is do you believe it? As we have already said that it is impossible to get politics out of anything in India, if you look at the present stage of politics in India, it will make you believe that India...

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Farmer Protests: The Fight for the Rights

Farmers are the backbone of the Indian economy and also the biggest agenda to win any election in India. Whenever the election arrives, every politician suddenly becomes farmers or calls themselves originated from farmer families and starts caring about farmers. These politicians make...

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China: The Digital Spy

China has a history of violence and cheap tricks, it always has eyes on the lands/territories of its weak neighbours who can’t even defend their selves. From Hongkong to Taiwan, Tibet and other small countries, the world has seen the cheap and inhuman side of China. Now when China...

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GDP of India: Act of God or Fraud?

GDP of India is at the bottom of the ocean for the first time in history with a decline of 23.9% in the first quarter of 2020-21. But do you know the difference between Indian GDP 2020 and Titanic? At least people on Titanic had some hope but GDP for India has no hope left as the...

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Is The Trigger To World War III Already Pressed?

The world has already seen two world wars and we surely don’t need to discuss what the reason behind those was or how many causalities were encountered on any side but what we do need is to take a look in our upcoming future which is still evitable. Yes, we are talking about the...

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The tale of allies and enemies: China and U.S.A

The tale of frenemies is not something to be ignored as it can result in the next world war. China and America are among the top powerful countries and always competing for superiority over the world. Not one decision made by any of the two goes by without affecting the whole...

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